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Hong Kong: Police respond to firebombs with water cannon as violence escalates

31 15.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Police fire tear gas at protesters in Hong Kong
W/S Protest
M/S Fire
M/S Fire bombs
M/S Fire bomb
M/S Fire bomb explodes on tree
W/S Tear gas and explosion
M/S Fire bombs being thrown
M/S Tear gas
M/S Water cannon
W/S Water cannon
M/S Water cannon
M/S Fire bomb explodes on water cannon as protesters cheer
Violence between police and protesters in Hong Kong escalated from scuffles to rocks, tear gas, firebombs and water cannons, on Sunday.
Footage shot on Harcourt Road shows protesters throwing back tear gas canisters and furling fire bombs at police, who respond with water cannons.
Hundreds of thousands have taken part in protests against an extradition bill with mainland China since the end of March and despite the bill being withdrawn, protesters continue to hit the streets waiting for other demands to be met. Among them is investigation of alleged police brutality during demonstrations, freedom to those arrested as well as other demands.