Russia: Goat for the jugular! Erstwhile besties tiger and goat torn apart by reality of food chain

After months of unexpected friendship blossomed between an Amur tiger and his dinner-cum-friend, Timur the goat, at Primorski Safari Park in Shkotovski late in 2015, the cruel realities of the natural world sadly kicked in Friday, with the Amur violently lunging at his former chum.
The goat was originally intended to be prey for the Amur, but potentially seeking companionship or perhaps out of respect for his fellow animals, the tiger struck up a close friendship with Timur. Keeping each other company for weeks on end, the Amur's conscience finally caved in to the calls of his stomach, with the tiger letting loose at his erstwhile friend.
In footage taken from the park's website, keepers can be seen moving into the Amur enclosure to rescue the all-too-trusting Timur. He is now in a separate veterinary shelter where he is being cared-for by experts. Here's hoping that the whole incident is just a minor misunderstanding, and nothing a little inter-species counselling can't remedy.