Majestic - Round My Way [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: 2Deep
Lyrics: Majestic
Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Photographer: Boyana Jeleva
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



I had new killers talkin’ where they be but I don’t ever see ‘em round my way,
All they talk ‘bout what you got but never squeeze round my way,
I got haters I got juvies that’ll pull me round my way,
Run up on you quick like nigga what you doin’ round my way?
See round my way these niggas hatin’ on me round my way,
Round my way we watchin’ facin’ phonies round my way,
See if you come you better watch it if you plottin’ round my way,
These niggas hatin’ but these niggas never stoppin’ round my way!

[Verse 1]

Guess who’s gettin’ money like a motherfucker,
Not your baby mama, stupid fucker! Lookin’ for some work?
Come and holla! See you tryin’ to save up for an Impalla,
But you’re neither Game or motherfuckin’ Slim Thuga!
Burning rubber in a Panamera Gemballa,
This shit is free I don’t need a dollar!
I have got the cash and I’ve got the fucking assets so,
Every now and then it guarantees me couple asses so,
Told your bitch to suck my dick and she went ahead and did,
Now before you get all pissed I should tell you who I is,
My descendants rose from the coldest mountains,
I only trust those with my blood in their veins,
With a couple dozen cousins in a Benz,
Riding shotgun holdin’ Mossberg twins, ah!
Face my familia but you don’t stand a chance,
We ride ‘till we die ‘till the very fucking end!


[Verse 2]

I don’t give a fuck what model your Mercedes is,
‘Cause you do it for the money and I do it for a purpose,
I will lose my friends before I lose my focus,
Stupid bitch, you know who the fuck you fuckin’ with?
We might lose the fights but the wars we always win,
Like DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Ludacris and them,
Like a barracuda I will eat you up in the mornin’,
Have your bitch moanin’ “hallelujah” as I’m getting’
Lost in her Bermuda, I am shootin’ my bazooka!
How you doin’? Stupid human I am super human,
You are ruined if you choosin’ not to follow my movement,
Fuckin’ do it if you think you can better than me – you fail miserably!
Cannot reach me even with a time machine,
You should follow me and not your dreams,
Since you can’t, I’ll achieve all your fantasies, please,
Call me Terminator ‘cause it’s rise of the machines!


[Verse 3]

If money doesn’t sleep so why the fuck should I?
Even 4 hours a night is still a waste of time,
Fuck ‘Rest In Peace’, I will fucking sleep when I die,
Why should I limit myself when I only got one life?
All I do is hustle to achieve everything I strive,
At this point in time I’ve got so much money on my mind,
I paid 50 grand just to silence all you lambs,
When I buy your whole life what the fuck you gonna say?
Then you gon’ pretend like we were always friends,
But nah I’mma show you bitches you don’t fuck around!
Put your chains on while I kneel down to get crowned,
On the ground – bow down to a fucking king!
I just broke it down for you clowns!
Dictatorship it sounds? Oh I bet it does,
Nothing you ain’t used to, are you stupid cunts?
The Lucifer replacement – here it fucking comes!