Brazil: Pro and anti-government protesters clash in Sao Paolo

Police clashed with groups of rival protesters after pro and anti-government rallies were held in Sao Paolo, Monday.
A group of 30 students from the PUC University held a rally against corruption and to demand the impeachment of the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff. The protesters reportedly refused to leave when the rally was scheduled to end, sparking clashes with the police who used batons and teargas against the students.
Following that, local media reported that a pro-government group confronted the students, sparking another round of clashes in which fireworks were fired toward police lines.
Protests both in favour and against Rousseff and her ruling party were sparked after the Brazilian leader decided to nominate her predecessor Lula da Silva to Chief of Staff of the Presidency.
The president's move to make Lula Chief of Staff of the Presidency comes despite the erstwhile Brazilian leader being under investigation for charges of corruption and money laundering, relating to the ongoing Petrobras scandal.
A federal judge in Brasilia delivered an injunction to suspend Lula's appointment on the basis that it prohibited "the free exercise of justice," on Friday. The government is expected to appeal the injunction in a higher court. Lula has since been sworn in and again blocked from the position.
The recent scandals involving the current and former presidents, as well as Brazil's worsening economic crisis have provoked widespread mistrust from the public towards the government and have sparked frequent and often violent protests across the country.
Brazil's ruling coalition lacks the votes in the Senate to defeat a request to remove left-leaning President Dilma Rousseff from office if it is approved by the lower house, a senior senator in the coalition's largest party said on Sunday.