Italy: Refugees trapped at Swiss border decry maltreatment in Como

Hundreds of refugees and activists took to the streets in protest against their treatment in the Italian border town of Como, Thursday.
Since June hundreds of refugees have been trapped in Como after Switzerland tightened controls on its southern border with Italy, in a bid to stop the crossing from becoming a new transit route for refugees and migrants.
The lake has become an impromptu home for refugees who are trying to make their way to Germany via Switzerland. Previously anyone wishing to travel to Switzerland could take the train from Como and cross the border. However, German authorities recently sent an additional 130 border staff to stop migrants and refugees from using the route as a new way to enter the country. Most refugees in the camp come from North and Central Africa.
Meanwhile, tents have been erected outside Como train station. Dozens of volunteers and activists have organised the provision of humanitarian aid, in the form of meals and medical care, in order to alleviate the reported worsening conditions at the camp.
Around 95,000 refugees arrived in Italy between January and July, according to the border agency Frontex. EU law states that the new arrivals have to register in Italy, as it was their first point of entry to Europe. However, many refugees do not wish to stay in Italy and would prefer to travel on to other countries.