Marco Rubio Speaking On Foreign Relations Contradicts Himself

Marco Rubio filled a lecture hall at the Council on Foreign Relations in an appearance on Wednesday to lay out his vision for a more muscular US foreign policy – one that would prevent a global descent into “chaos” but stop short of making America the “world policeman”.
While most of the policy prescriptions Rubio made Wednesday were hawkish in nature, on the most hotly contested foreign policy issue of the last decade – the Iraq war – the candidate seemed to contradict himself.
During his run for the US Senate in Florida during 2010 Rubio was asked whether the Iraq war had made the United States “safer and better off”.
Rubio said,“I think ultimately yes...because Saddam Hussein is no longer in charge.”
He seemed to contradict that view on Wednesday when moderator Charlie Rose asked whether he would have been in favor of the Iraqi invasion “after finding out that there were no weapons of mass destruction”.
The senator replied no, implying Hussein would have also been left alone.