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Russian screenwriter Mikhail Raskhodnikov is suing the Hollywood film studio behind Ridley Scott's sci-fi blockbuster 'The Martian' for plagiarism, as he explained in an interview in Moscow, Thursday. Raskhodnikov claims that 20th Century Fox used his screenplay as the basis for Ridley Scott's film which stars Matt Damon in the lead role. Raskhodnikov maintains that Andy Weir's book, the basis for the Hollywood film which was published in 2011, is near-identical to the plot of a Russian film that he was involving in making four years earlier. The Russian screenwriter alleges that in 2010 he presented his full screenplay along with visual materials to Fox executives in Russia. Raskhodnikov is now seeking 50 million rubles (around €680,000) in damages. Meanwhile, Ridley Scott's 'The Martian', which has already been released in the UK, is set to be released in the US on October 2.


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