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Boston Police Kill Man Identified by Terrorism Taskforce as Target

28 03.06.2015 Инфо

Boston Police shot dead a man described as a surveillance traget in a southern suburb of the city Tuesday morning.
The circumstances of the shooting were still unclear. Boston’s police commissioner, William Evans, told reporters that city police officers and an FBI agent working together as part of a joint terrorism taskforce confronted the man outside a CVS store in the Roslindale neighborhood.
Evans said the man “came at” officers with a “military-style knife” and multiple officers shot him. The victim was taken to Brigham and Women’s hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Boston resident Ibrahim Rahim who says the victim was his younger brother Usaama, disputed the officer's account of the shooting.
In a Facebook post he said three boston police officers shot Usaama in the back three times as he waited for a bus to go to work. He said Usaama was on the phone with his father at the time and his last words were, I can’t breathe!