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Hong Kong: Anti-government protesters rally against alleged police brutality

0 18.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Protesters holding posters, Hong Kong
M/S Banner reading (Mandarin) "Citizen wearing mask, Carrie Lam without conscience," Hong Kong
M/S Protesters holding posters
M/S Posters
M/S Protester holding poster
SOT, Tommy, protester: "In the recent four months there has been a lot of things happening in Hong Kong. There's a lot of people who died in this event. And we want the government to respond to our five major demands and hopefully to stop this major problem in Hong Kong right now."
M/S Protesters holding picture of 15-year old dead found dead at sea
SOT, Tommy, protester: "I think that is a very unfortunate incident and it is a major signal that Hong Kong government is actually killing people in order to cover up some other incidents, for example a sexual harassment, or even beating them to death."
M/S Protesters marching with banner
M/S Protesters marching with banner
M/S Protesters
W/S Protesters marching
W/S Protesters marching