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Italy: Migrants rescued after jumping off NGO boat

50 20.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Two migrants with emergency blankets on board of Coast Guard's boat after they jumped off Open Arms vessel, Lampedusa coast
W/S Open Arms vessel
W/S Coast guards picking up life jacket from water
W/S Migrant jumping off Open Arms vessel
W/S Open Arms vessel and coast guard boat
M/S Boat near migrants
M/S Open Arms boat
M/S Coast guard boat with migrants
M/S Migrants being saved
W/S Open Arms boat
M/S Boat
Several migrants jumped off the Spanish humanitarian rescue boat Open Arms anchored near the Italian island of Lampedusa on Tuesday.
Footage shows migrants being taken out of water with the help of a coast guard vessel.
Two other migrants who had jumped before were also seen sitting in a coast guard boat with emergency blankets on.
The Italian government led chiefly by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has so far refused docking permission for the boat, causing a stand-off.
Six EU countries have already offered to take in more than one hundred migrants who have been aboard the ship for 19 days.
Restrictions: no access Italy