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Peru: Students clash with police over road project at Lima university

2 18.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Protesters closing San Marcos University gates in front of police, Lima
M/S Protesting students
M/S Students clashing with police
M/S Police firing tear gas
M/S Students protesting in San Marcos
W/S Police and tear gas
M/S Protest supporters passing food to students occupying university
M/S Riot police with shields
M/S Riot police
M/S Riot police r
W/S Riot police
A group of students from the San Marcos National University clashed with police before taking control over the campus in Lima on Tuesday. Protesters want to stop the construction of a road on the territory of the university.
The project was first proposed in 2006 by a former Lima mayor but was blocked by protesting students. Now they are protesting against the latest plan which was supported by the university's rector.