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USA: Thousands donate to fund Maverick the dog's chemotherapy

391 24.10.2016 Инфо

A golden retriever called Maverick has attracted thousands of dollars-worth of donations to fund his ongoing lymphoma treatment, reaching over half of the $8,000 (€7,352) target, with his owner taking him for a charity stroll in his hometown of DeLand, Florida, Sunday.
Maverick had been in remission from the disease for a year when his symptoms returned suddenly last week. He had lost use of his back legs and was thought to have days left to live so owner Joey Maxwell rolled him around on a wagon for a final "walk" outdoors. Maverick miraculously rallied and his struggle for survival has caught the attention of dog lovers around the world who have donated to fund his ongoing treatment.
Maverick will receive six months of chemotherapy and while he may never fully regain use of his back legs Maxwell hopes to get him a custom-fitted wheelchair to continue his much loved walks.
Mandatory Credit @ Joey Maxwell - https://www.facebook.com/everybodylovesmaverick/