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Croatia: Play that simulates Jesus raping Muslim woman sparks anger in Split

0 25.04.2017 Инфо

Dozens of religious and nationalist protesters disrupted a play at the Croatian National Theatre in Split, Sunday, attempting to stop the performance of a scene in the drama that allegedly simulates Jesus Christ descending from the cross to rape a near-naked woman in a hijab.
Despite calls from the archdiocese of Split, local protest groups, and war veterans, Oliver Frljic's drama "Our Violence and Your Violence" was included in the programme of Split’s ‘Days of Marulic’ theatre festival, causing anger throughout the predominantly Catholic city.
During the performance, a small number of demonstrators managed to get inside the theatre, postponing the start of the play by singing and cheering. They were later expelled from the premises by special police.
Outside the National Theatre, a larger demonstration formed, with Zeljko Kerum, former mayor of Split, amongst the crowd, stating "What they are doing is overwhelming and sick. A person who pays money for this play, they need to be held responsible, more than the author of this work."
According to reports, prior to the simulated rape, the actress playing the Muslim woman allegedly removes a Croatian flag from her vagina.