Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook News Feed Will Be Mostly Video In Five Years

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg placed a big emphasis on video during the opening keynote address at the tech giant's annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.
In Facebook's early days, users shared primarily text content, Zuckerberg told the audience. Today, they share mostly photos. "Fast forward five years, it's going to be video," he said. "If you look out even further, it will be more immersive content like AR and VR."
During the speech, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has opened up its Messenger app into a platform so that third-party developers can build out new features and services for it. There are already 40 new apps available for Messenger, including sports GIFs from ESPN, personalized emoji from Bitmoji and Hollywood effects from Action Movie FX, an app created by JJ Abrams' Bad Robot.