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Spain: Soldier accompanying Bolsonaro to G20 found with 39kg of cocaine

5 26.06.2019 Инфо

M/S Police van with the arrested crew member of the delegation of Bolsonaro entering the court
M/S Door closing behind the van
M/S Camera operator recording the court
M/S Police van leaving
M/S Police van
C/U Sign of the court
M/S Police van leaving the court
M/S Police van
M/S Gates of the court
M/S Car of the Civil Guard
The Spanish Civil Guard detained a soldier from the entourage accompanying Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for drug trafficking in Seville on Wednesday.
The security forces discovered a suitcase containing 39 kilos (85lbs) of cocaine allegedly belonging to the detainee, who has been taken into custody until the judge decides on his future.
The detainee was making a stop at the airport in the Andalusian capital before heading to Japan, where he had to land a few hours before the Brazilian leader, who is travelling to Osaka to participate in the G20 summit.
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