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Spain: Acting PM Sanchez fails in first attempt to form government

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W/S Leader of the Socialist Party Socialist and candidate for the presidency of the Government Pedro Sanchez walking towards the lectern, Madrid
SOT, Pedro Sanchez, Socialist leader and candidate for President of Spanish Government (Spanish): "Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing I appeal is to the People's Party, to its responsibility, to the Ciudadanos grouping to set aside sectarianism and also to United We Can's generosity and responsibility. If we do so, I am convinced, ladies and gentlemen, that we will be able to strike many agreements, many agreements in transcendental areas in the daily life of the people. But the most important thing is for Spain to have a government so that democracy can begin to function fully. And for this we need a government and an opposition, we need to start the legislature. The option, the dilemma, is quite simple, ladies and gentlemen, whether we want a government or not. If we want legislature or we want blockades. If we want stability or if we want there to be elections next November 10. Of course, I want a government, I want stability and I want legislature." MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE
W/S Voting
W/S Popular Party Leader, Pablo Casado, voting "no"
W/S United We Can Party Leader, Pablo Iglesias, voting "abstention"
W/S Socialist Party leader and presidential candidate, Pedro Sanchez, voting "yes"
W/S Voting
SOT, Meritxell Batet, President of Congress (Spanish): "Ladies and gentlemen, the result of the vote was as follows: Votes cast 346. Votes in favour of candidate, 124. Votes against candidate, 170. Abstentions, 52. Ladies and gentlemen, since the candidate proposed has not achieved an absolute majority, the same proposal should be put to the vote again 48 hours after the previous one, in accordance with Article 99(3) of the Constitution'."
W/S Congress of Deputies CUTAWAY
SOT, Meritxell Batet, President of the Congress (Spanish): "Consequently, this presidency convenes the Plenary of the Chamber for Thursday 25 July at 13:30 to proceed to the second vote on the same proposal, with the anticipation that whatever the development of the debate, the vote will not begin in any case before 14:25 hours on that day. The meeting is adjourned."
M/S Sanchez leaving
W/S Deputies leaving Congress
The Spanish Congress of Deputies did not endorse the presidential candidacy of the Socialist Worker's Party's Pedro Sanchez in Madrid on Tuesday.
After a debate with the spokespersons of all parliamentary groups, the vote finished without Sanchez having achieved the support of at least 176 deputies, which represents the absolute majority in the 350-seat Chamber.
The Socialist leader received 124 in his favour, 170 against and 52 abstentions.
After this result, Sanchez will have a new opportunity to move forward his appointment on Thursday, in which he will suffice with a simple majority, meaning that the 'yes' overcomes the 'no'.
Approval in the second vote will mostly depend on whether the Socialists and the far-left 'United We Can' party strike a coalition deal.