USA: Florida Keys residents decry planned release of GM mosquitos

Dozens of locals rallied in Florida Keys, Tuesday, demonstrating against plans to release genetically-modified (GM) mosquitos in Key Haven area.
Protesters came to the Mosquito Control District building in the Florida Keys, with placards as "no consent" and "we are not your experiment”. One of the group’s biggest concerns was the lack of the independent research on the effects of GM mosquitos.
"The WHO refers to us as human research subjects within a trial area and that does not really make me feel comfortable knowing that our blood is needed for this trial to work and we’re being regulated like animals," said Mara Daly, a Florida Keys resident.
The Food and Drug Administration approved the proposal of the UK-based company Oxitec to release GM mosquitos in the area in a bid to see whether the insects could help control the spread of the mosquito born viruses, including Zika.