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A vote to leave the European Union could cut the UK’s credit rating, that's according to the ratings agency Moody’s, which has waded into the debate with a warning about rushing the referendum.
The agency, which rates UK government debt one notch below the top triple-A score, says holding a referendum on EU membership next year would cut the period of uncertainty but at the same time would allow less time to negotiate reforms with Brussels.
That in turn would raise the chance of a vote to leave the EU, a so-called Brexit, with possible consequences for the UK’s rating.
David Cameron had vowed to hold an in/out referendum by 2017 but there has been talk of moving the vote forward to 2016, to avoid a politically dangerous clash with the French and German elections in 2017. Moody’s says that would cut the time available for the UK government to lobby for repatriation of powers.


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