Majestic - Do It Myself [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Atomic Beats
Lyrics: Majestic
Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Photographer: Image 1st



All I wanna do is to make music
And leave my mark behind
Everyone told me “you can’t do it”
I had to leave them all behind
I was so foolish knocked down
With the nay sayers bumping I was fool of myself
As long as I stay true to myself
I don’t need y’all help, no! I can do it myself!

[Verse 1]

Let me take you back to high school days
Back when real hip-hop was still made
When 50 blew up before the beef with Game
When all I wore was G-Unit Clothing
With a midget friend, we were boasting
How we would join The Unit, really we were hoping
Deep down inside I knew we were only joking
I never thought I could do what I’m now doing
Father didn’t help with his constant exploding
‘Bout how I stayed ‘till three in the morning
Listening to music and never doing homework
Said I didn’t have the voice – it was never gonna work
But I never listen to my parents so I went berserk
Made better music than all hip-hop jerks
Only surpass me through my cold corpse
Now it’s time to reinvent myself of course!


[Verse 2]

I’ve got no one to impress but I’m impressive as it is
See Eminem’s a product of Rakim and
I’m a product of Eminem and 50 Cent
I wonder who will I inspire to be the next big thing
Too early to say – I’m still developing
Haven’t made enough music yet to be deafening
Y’all don’t respect me enough to be welcoming
My forthcoming adrenaline will be fucking sickening
Time goes by, I’ll be further distancing
Myself, as well, I’ll have a farewell
For my old self by my new self
So get yourself an army if you wish to stop me
You know of me but you don’t know shit about me
Six years of practice have allowed me to achieve
More than you combined, I say it proudly
Doubt me ‘cause I got a dick for you to suck shawty!


[Verse 3]

My future so bright I gotta wear shades at night
Holla at my boy Antonio for showing me the light
At the end of the tunnel when I wasn’t doing alright
Only time in my life that I needed a guide
Told me “homie focus on your music, that’s your only
Priority in life”, agreed with him and I was like:
“I’ll make so much music it’ll blow your fucking mind”
This time around I am sticking to my grind
No more being nice and no more being kind
Fucking disbelievers I am leaving you behind
Watch me top the charts and never getting signed
Freelance this bitch, free like your bitch
On a daily basis my empire’s being built
You won’t see me stop ‘till I’m six feet under dirt
Tyler Durden used to be my best friend
Now it’s time to end it – I’mma be what I always intended!