Crazy Florida Men Finally Get Their Due (In The Form Craft Beer)

Florida men work tirelessly to provide the world with the weird news it craves. Their efforts inspired a popular Twitter account devoted to the "world's worst superhero" and now the Florida Man account has inspired a beer. Cigar City Brewing in Tampa created the Florida Man Double IPA, currently available at its tasting room for $9 a bottle, and hope to have it in select stores soon.
The beer promises to be "crazy hoppy" with notes of piney resin, apricot, peach, orange and lemon according to Cigar City Brewing marketing associate Russell Breslow.
The brew uses the same mugshot as the Florida Man Twitter account, which actually wasn't taken in Florida at all. The face of Florida Man happens to be a man named Ricky Lee Kalichun from Indiana who decorated his face with black marker and drunkenly attacked someone with a sword.
There are no reports yet as to whether drinking Florida Man Double IPA will lead you to do things worthy of your own Florida Man headline, but proceed with caution and stay away from gators.