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Israel: Likud supporters optimistic despite Netanyahu skipping rally in Bat Yam

0 16.09.2019 Инфо

W/S General view of the Likud event in the city of Bat Yam
M/S Man waving Israeli and Likud flags
SOT, Motti, Likud party supporter: "I am supporting the Likud. I support Bibi Netanyahu. He is our Prime Minister, and we love him!"
M/S Likud supporters with placard
SOT, Yonni Riner, Likud party supporter: "I do believe he [Bejamin Netanyahu] will be the next Prime Minister again. I think he is a great leader. He also knows the world as a great politician. And also inside Israel he succeeded in developing the hi-tech, and also to advance our economy. Thanks to him Israel is not just a state in the world, it's well known and has a lot of allies and economical allies in business, and it makes us a huge power, and we hopefully could become an economic empire thanks to him."
M/S Likud supporters with placard
W/S Likud campaign workers
SOT, Yochevet Maouda, Likud party supporter: " We know, everybody, that he is smart. We know that just Bibi is the one, is the best one that can do for us, to sit here quiet for the country. He knows what to do! he knows what to do and I trust him, I trust him very well."
W/S Father holding his daughter with Likud banner in hands
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled his participation in a Likud event in Bat Yam on Sunday, reportedly calling an emergency party meeting due to an in-depth study revealing he may lose the upcoming elections.
According to reports, the document says the opponents Lapid and Gantz are leading due to an expected low voter turnout in the cities where Likud traditionally does well.
However, Likud party supporters remained convinced of Netanyahu’s capabilities as a leader and that he will win reelection.
One pointed out that Netanyahu is "a great leader” and that he “succeeded in developing the hi-tech, and also to advance our economy.”
“He knows what to do! he knows what to do and I trust him, I trust him very well," said Yochevet Maouda, another supporter.
Israel will hold snap elections on Tuesday, as Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition after the vote in April. His pledge to annex the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea if re-elected sparked international condemnation.