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Spain: Students join massive pro-independence protest in Barcelona

2 17.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Students marching in central Barcelona
M/S Counter-protester marching with Spanish flag
W/S Students marching
M/S Catalonian protesters surrounding counter-protester marching with Spanish flag and banner reading (Spanish): "Long live the King, Long live Spain"
W/S Catalonian police protecting counter-protester as pro-independence protesters shout at him
W/S Protesters shouting slogans
M/S Protesters shouting anti-Spanish slogans at counter-protester
M/S Protesters wearing Catalonian flags
M/S Catalonian police mediating to prevent clashes
W/S Protesters shouting at and booing pro-Spain counter-protester
M/S Protesters shouting anti-Spain slogans
W/S Protesters wearing Catalonian flags
W/S Catalonian students protesting
W/S Students continuing march
M/S Spanish national police
M/S Protesters shouting at Spanish national police
M/S Protesters yelling and throwing objects at Spanish officers
W/S Protesters yelling at Spanish national police
M/S protesters throwing toilet paper roll at police officers
M/S Protesters chanting slogans
W/S Spanish national police
M/S Protesters wearing Catalonia flags
W/S Protesters gathered
M/S Protesters chanting slogans
Hundreds of students took to the streets of Barcelona on Thursday to show their solidarity with the jailed leaders of the Catalan independence movement.
Protesters occupied one of the main squares of the Catalonian capital, Placa d'Espanya, shouting slogans against the Spanish government and yelling at the National Police, deployed by Madrid to maintain the order.
It's the fourth day of unrest in Catalonian cities after nine Catalan pro-independence leaders were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison for their role in Catalonia's 2017 independence bid.