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Russia: 161 North Koreans detained following Sea of Japan incident – FSB

3 18.09.2019 Инфо

M/S North Korean motorboats in Sea of Japan
W/S North Korean boats
W/S North Korean fishing vessel and motorboats
W/S North Korean motorboat
M/S Russian Coast Guard approaching North Korean vessel
M/S Coast Guard officers on board North Korean vessel *NO SOUND AT SOURCE*
M/S North Korean vessel
M/S Vessel
W/S North Koreans sailors
M/S Officer shooting warning pistol
W/S North Korean fishing vessel
C/U North Korean vessel
M/S North Korean vessel
W/S Coast Guard vessel approaching the North Korean schooner
Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) released footage on Wednesday showing Coast Guard officers confronting North Korean vessels which the FSB says were engaged in illegal fishing within the Russian exclusive economic zone in the Sea of Japan. The incident took place on Tuesday.
In the footage the border guards can be seen confronting the North Korean vessels.
According to a FSB statement, two schooners as well as 11 motorboats and 161 people were detained as a result of the operation.
Some of the detained were injured during the operation and received medical assistance, the statement added.
According to the FSB, four border officers also received non-life-threatening injuries.
North Korea has yet to officially comment, but on Tuesday Russia's Foreign Ministry summoned Pyongyang's top diplomat Zin Jong Hep over the incident.