Accused Terrorist Ordered Behind Bars to Await Trial

Following his arrest on the Fourth of July, the son of a police captain has been ordered to remain behind bars awaiting trail.
Though Alexander Ciccolo has been charged with felon in possession of a firearm, more are expected.
Son to Boston's Captain Robert Ciccolo, Alexander is accused of devising a terrorist plot to kill.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin O"Regan argued that due to developing circumstances he is believed to pose a threat to the public.
Authorities arrested the 23-year-old during a sting operating with a cooperating witness.
While being interviewed by the FBI, Ciccolo expressed support for the Islamic State.
Prosecutors said Ciccolo came up with several plots, targeting law enforcement and U.S. military personnel, but decided to set off a pressure cooker bomb in a university cafeteria during lunch.