Russia: Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix 2015 tickets go on general sale

Tickets for the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix 2015 held in Sochi in October went on general sale, Thursday. The organisers of the Russian Grand Prix shared details on the ticketing program, with Sergei Vorobyov, the head of Russian F1 racing promotion company Sochi AutoDrom, announcing that a special 20% discount can be expected for fans buying tickets in the range of 9,500 – 129,600 roubles (€162–2208 / $174-2373). Tickets for the 2015 Sochi Grand Prix are available to purchase online as well as in ticket offices in Sochi, Moscow, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. The event kicks off on October 9 and will last until October 11.