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Around 300 protesters, members of the peace movement "No to NATO, no to War" protested in Podgorica on Wednesday against NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg's visit to Montenegro. The protest was named "No to war, no to NATO, not in my name" and drew members of several peace movements from Montenegro, along with leftist parties. Protesters called NATO "killers" and held anti-NATO banners such as "We are against the war, what about you?". An imperial flag of Tsarist Russia and pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin were held by protesters. People also danced to traditional Russian songs. One of the speakers, Dr Novica Stanic, an independent MP in the Serbian Parliament, said during a speech that the only person who can defy NATO is Putin. Gojko Raicevic, leader of peace movement "No to NATO, No to War," said that if NATO comes to Montenegro it will be welcomed as an "occupier". The North Atlantic Council, consisting of the Secretary General and ambassadors of 28 NATO members states, are on a two-day official visit to Montenegro. It is expected that Montenegro will receive an official invitation to join NATO by the end of 2015. During the NATO "Allied Force" operation against Yugoslavia in 1999, Montenegro, at that time a part of Yugoslavia, was targeted by NATO. Eight people, including three children were killed in Montenegro.


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