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USA: Protesters rally outside Trump Tower in Downtown Chicago

0 18.10.2016 Инфо

Scores of protesters gathered outside Trump International Hotel and Tower, in Downtown Chicago on Tuesday to demonstrate against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
The predominantly female group of protesters chanted slogans including "This pussy votes" and "This pussy's not for grabs" whilst others carried signs with messages such as "Sexual predators don't get to be president" and "Grab him by the polls".
Anti-Trump protester Kelly stated that she was "personally offended" as a woman "by almost everything that's come out of that man's mouth". She went on to say that it was "important that we come together in solidarity to really get out this message."
The protest happened in the wake of the Republican candidate's remarks about kissing women and grabbing their genitals which he then dismissed as "locker room talk".