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USA: Extinction Rebellion hunger strikers evicted from Nancy Pelosi's office

0 22.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Extinction Rebellion hunger strikers and activists enter 'off-limits' room in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office, Washington DC
M/S Climate activists copy chants from leader
M/S Police officers tell protesters to stop and declare they are under arrest
M/S Police officer guarding entrance to office
M/S Climate activists escorted from office in handcuffs
W/S Climate activists' signs taken from office by police officer
W/S Police and climate activists standing in circle
W/S Climate activists lined up
SOT, Michael, Extinction Rebellion activist: "Four days on a hunger strike. This is day four. The idea was that we would go in, make a little fuss in Nancy's office, something that would get her attention, get a warning, get out into the hall. That was the premise. We get in. We were there for about 30-40 seconds, somewhere within that range. I get the signal from our group to leave, which means we start packing and leaving and next thing I hear we're under arrest and stopped."
W/S Climate activist escorted to police vehicle
C/U Handcuffs
M/S Climate activist place in back of van
SOT, Russell Gray, Extinction Rebellion organiser in Washington DC: "We've been in Pelosi's office for four days. We got there on Monday. We were there until today. Still no sign of a meeting. It seemed like Pelosi was just going to ignore us and go back to California. Go back to her home fires and go to donor dinners and enjoy Thanksgiving and just try to ignore us. So we entered into the back part of her office, which was off limits and we're hoping to find her back there. When we got in there, we were there for about 30 seconds and we didn't see her and we were trying to walk out. The police stopped us and arrested everybody who was in the office at that time. And they've all been charged with unlawful entry and they're all being taken to the holding cell nearby."
M/S Van door closed
Eight hunger strikers and another Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists were arrested after storming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office in Washington DC on Thursday.
The group pushed past aids and security to enter a wider room used by Pelosi's staff considered out of bounds.
Pelosi had refused to meet protesters' demands for an hour-long meeting, prompting the climate activists to go on hunger strike and mount a sit-in.
Congress's closure for Thanksgiving and Pelosi's expected return to San Francisco seemed to have forced their hand after enduring four luckless days spent at the entrance to her office.
Police then placed handcuffs on the protesters, lined them up and put them in riot vans to be processed.
XR's DC organiser Russell Gray gave a short interview as the activists were being taken to holding cells.