France: Hollande slams Brexit and speaks about 'next female president' of US

French President Francois Hollande insisted that the European Union (EU) needs to be firm with Great Britain since the government has decided on a 'Hard Brexit,' during a press conference in Paris, Thursday.
After saying "Great Britain wants to leave, but not have to pay anything. That is not possible," Hollande made it clear that no concession would be made for the United Kingdom (UK), as it would "not serve the interest of Europe or Great Britain to remain in ambiguity." The French President also accused the UK of not informing voters appropriately ahead of the referendum, but instead focusing on immigration. In his speech the French President stated that the rise in populism is "the crisis" Europe is currently facing.
British Prime Minister Theresa May recently announced that the UK will opt for a 'Hard Brexit' and that she intends to curb migration.
Hollande also commented on the US Presidential elections, saying to the European nations that "if they don't defend themselves, they won't be defended anymore. No matter who wins the American Presidential elections. Even if we hope for one more than the other without taking sides," before jokingly adding "there is not really a choice. But besides, that, whoever will be the next [female] president elected in November, the USA are not in the same vision of protection even if they are allies."