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Russia: Golfing on ice! Golfers combine their love of ice and golf at Baikal lake

5 25.03.2018 Инфо

Golf players and winter lovers all across Russia held a golf tournament on ice in frozen Baikal lake near the popular tourist village of Listvyanka in Irkutsk region on Sunday.
Some 50 participants tested their golf skills under frozen conditions, on a field of 2,000 (6,561 foot) square meters. Reports reveal that the athletes went through nine holes.
Applications for participation in the tournament have already been submitted by athletes from several Russian cities.
A gold player contesting for the prize explained that the most important thing in winter golf is "strategy" and "developing tactics."
The first ice and snow golf tournament on Baikal Ice took place 14 years ago. In 2017, the organising committee of the competition announced the holding of a ‘World Cup on ICE’ golf tournament in Baikal in 2020.