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Sweden: Russian Tsar's cognac and liqueur salvaged from WWI shipwreck

4 18.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Dennis Aasberg opening box of liquor, Bammarboda
C/U Herbal liqueur Benedictine
C/U Aasberg smelling bottle
SOT, Dennis Aasberg, Co-owner of Ocean X: "S/S Kyros was a Swedish ship on its way from Sweden to Rauma in Finland loaded with lots of stuff, not only liquor, machines, tools, even lamps that was meaning to used in Petrograd, in Saint Petersburg."
C/U Box of liquor *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Dennis Aasberg, Co-owner of Ocean X: "The cognac and the liquor was mean [meant to be] used by the officers of the Tsar in Russia."
C/U Bottle *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Dennis Aasberg, Co-owner of Ocean X: "The whole wreck was, you know, almost crashed and that because of the fishing net. So for one year we just put lots of time to take away all the fishing net on the ship and when we had managed that, was the next step to go down in the cargo rooms but we have [had] so much cargo and heavy stuff down there so was not so easy, that's why [we] have taken so many years. And when we are working down on 70-80 metres depth it's not easy task, it's very difficult and dangerous also."
C/U Bottle *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Dennis Aasberg, Co-owner of Ocean X: "Now we have the bottles up and that's good but the next task here now is to do the test of the cognac and the liqueur so I'm quite nervous about that, you know, we don't know if it's OK or not, but when you smell on their cork it smells great."
M/S Aasberg smelling bottle *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Dennis Aasberg, Co-owner of Ocean X: "When you spend so much time and money on a project like that, and let's say we have a bottle worth €20,000 or 30,000 you don't open it up just for tasting it, no, because we want to sell it of course and invest the money in other projects we have in front of us."
C/U Bottle
M/S Aasberg kissing bottle
M/S Aasberg repacking bottle
C/U Aasberg putting bottle in wooden box
M/s Aasberg taking away two boxes
A Swedish team of exploration specialists have rescued a cargo of century-old old cognac and liqueur belonging to Russia's Tsar Nicholas II.
Dennis Aasberg of Ocean X, the team behind the salvaging operation, showed off his haul in Bammarboda, just outside Stockholm, on Monday.
The bottles were recovered from Swedish steamer S/S Kyros in October and include a 'De Haartman & Co' cognac and 'Benedictine' liqueur.
The mission was carried out under "difficult and dangerous" conditions, according to Aasberg.
Divers had to work at a depth of 77 meters (252 feet) in international waters between Sweden and Finland.
Reports suggest the cargo could fetch up to $6 million (€5.5 million).
The ship and its precious cargo - 50 cases of cognac and another 15 cases of liqueur - set sail from France and was destined for St Petersburg in 1917, the last throes of Tsarist Russia.
It was sunk en route by a German U-Boat and the shipwreck remained undiscovered until 1999.