After Months of Anticipation, New Harper Lee Novel Released

Harper Lee fans worldwide stayed up late, awakened early and dashed off during meal breaks to pick up a copy of the year's most anticipated novel, "Go Set a Watchman," which came out Tuesday after months of the most unusual pre-publication attention in memory. From the moment publisher HarperCollins, announced "Watchman" in early February, reactions of ecstatic disbelief have been shadowed by concerns about the book's quality, the 89-year-old Lee's involvement in the release and the jarring transformation of Atticus Finch. Pre-orders have already made "Go Set a Watchman" one of the year's top books and did not let up despite lukewarm reviews and the unwelcome news that Finch, one of the all-time literary heroes, was a bigot in "Watchman." has called "Watchman" its most popular pre-order since the last Harry Potter book, which came out in 2007.