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USA: Thousands in LA call for reparations as Armenian diaspora marks genocide

1 25.04.2017 Инфо

Thousands from the Armenian diaspora took the streets of Los Angeles, Monday, to mark the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire.
Protesters marched towards the Turkish consulate holding Armenian flags and signs against Turkey. Many speakers addressed the crowds in front of the consulate and pointed out the importance of remembering the massacre.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garrett addressed protesters before the departure of the march to remind them that “nobody based on their religion, nobody based on their nationality, nobody based on how they worship God should ever be singled out, whether it’s by a president in the Withe House or whether it’s a dust-bitten Ottoman Empire.”
The march was organised by the Armenian Genocide Committee, which is made up of 18 organisations involved in the cause. Commemorations have taken place on April 24 since the 1920s, marking the date in 1915 when hundreds of Armenian intellectuals were arrested in the Ottoman capital of Constantinople, before being executed.
In the years that followed ethnic Armenians were displaced, deported or placed in concentration camps by Ottoman authorities. Between 600,000 and 1.8 million people are believed to have died during the period. Turkish authorities have not recognised the massacre as a genocide.