Graphic PETA Campaign Draws Angry Backlash From Aussie Farmers

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' latest campaign against the wool industry has provoked an online backlash from Australian farmers.
The animal rights group posted a graphic image on Facebook last week that shows California-based, Australian-born musician, Jona Weinhofen, holding a shorn, bloodied sheep, with the caption: "here's the rest of your wool coat".
The post attracted hundreds of commenters, many of whom said the image was sensationalised and that sheep shearing was not cruel.
Australia's Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce, also took a stand against PETA in a press conference on Monday. He told the ABC that Australian wool farmers felt insulted. The minister said, "[They] get so sick of people lying about their industry, and lying about them, and besmirching their character when they're out there earning a buck for Australia."