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Around 2,000 refugees were vaccinated at Berlin’s Median Klinik by Thursday, after a drive to ensure the recent arrivals into Germany were sufficiently protected against illness since the centre opened on September 22. The vaccination programme was launched by the State Office of Health and Welfare (LaGeSo), offering the necessary vaccines to the refugees arriving in Germany to avoid epidemics spreading, with particular concern over flu. Hundreds of refugees queued outside the health centre to receive the necessary vaccines, with children having a priority. German authorities are expecting 800,000 refugees to arrive in Germany during 2015, an estimated 40,000 of whom will arrive in Berlin. Germany has emerged as the priority destination for many Syrian refugees travelling to the EU after Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the country would suspend the Dublin regulation, essentially granting Syrian asylum seekers special status. Authorities estimate that up to one million people could apply for asylum in Germany by the end of 2015. However, following huge numbers entering the country, the government has suspended the Schengen agreement and reintroduced border checks.


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