Russia: It will be hard for BRICS to replace the UN Security Council - UN's Feltman

In today's world it will be "very hard" to recreate an organization like the UN Security Council, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said in Ufa, Friday. His statements came after the BRICS countries issued a call to reform the UN Security Council, and said in the BRICS declaration that the organization has a more flexible format than the UN, allowing it to address a wider range of international issues more effectively. Feltman defended the role of the UNSC, saying: "it will be very hard in today's world to recreate the type of organization that the UN is." He added, "The Secretary-General [...] himself has welcomed the call for a Security Council that is more, as I said, transparent, accountable and representative of today's realities. But the basic issue is that this is for the member states themselves to debate and to decide."