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USA: 'Storm Area 51' event attracts alien enthusiasts to secretive military base area

8 004 20.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Main stage of Alienstock music festival near Area 51, Nevada
W/S Sarah Fraser, host of the Hey Frase podcast, trying out her so-called naruto run, near Area 51
Alien enthusiasts were seen gathering near Area 51, the highly classified US Air Force facility in Nevada on Thursday. Footage shows a stage set up for a music festival named Alienstock. It also shows podcast host Sarah Fraser practicing her ‘naruto run’ inspired by a Japanese manga character.
The gathering is taking place after a Facebook event, called 'Storm Area 51', went viral with over two million people clicking ‘attending’. Its creator later claimed it was a hoax.
Area 51 has been at the heart of conspiracy theories for over decades, with some people believing the US government is hiding UFOs and aliens at the facility.
The US Air Force warned people not to approach the gates of the area.
Mandatory credit: Sarah FRASER / @heyfrase podcast