UK: Brexit challenges rejected by Belfast Crown Court

A landmark challenge to United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May’s ability to trigger Brexit negotiations without a vote in parliament was rejected by Justice Paul Maguire at the High Court in Belfast, Friday.
Two separate proceedings on the matter were brought before the court earlier in the month. One, by rights activist Raymond McCord and a second, heard in parallel, by a cross-party group of politicians from Sinn Fein, the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), the Alliance Party and the Green Party.
After the ruling McCord said “the British Government is wrong,” pointing out that in Northern Ireland “fifty-six percent of people voted to remain in Europe, that’s been ignored.” McCord’s solicitor said “today's judgement was anticipated” and that the case would be taken to the Supreme Court.
The judge, Justice Maguire, ruled that the province's parliament could not override a decision by the British government and that there was nothing in the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement preventing the government triggering Article 50, the formal legal process for leaving the EU.