It's Pluto Flyby Day! Get In on NASA Mission's Climax

If everything went according to plan, NASA's New Horizons probe zoomed past Pluto on Tuesday, marking the climax of a first-of-its-kind mission that was launched nine and a half years ago. But we'll have to wait until more than 13 hours after the encounter to hear for sure that it did the deed.
The piano-sized spacecraft is so busy taking pictures and making observations that it can't turn its antenna around immediately to flash a message to Earth. The flyby took place at 7:49 a.m. ET Tuesday, with New Horizons coming within 7,800 miles (12,500 kilometers) of the dwarf planet's mottled surface. To mark that event, science team members and VIPs gathered here at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where the mission has its operation center.