USA: Immortality in a cup? Artist makes mugs out of cremated human remains

Designer Justin Crowe explained the benefits of having the cremated ashes of one's loved ones integrated into everyday objects, like mugs, cups and plates, in Santa Fe on Friday.
Crowe believes the beauty of his products, which are glazed using a substance made from cremated human remains, is that “they are interactive and they let you integrate the memories into everyday life," instead of “looking at a picture of someone on a shelf” or having their ashes stored away somewhere. The artist first started working with human ashes for an art project, where he made a dinner set using the remains of 200 bodies. Soon people started making inquiries about bespoke products created with the ashes of their loved ones. Hence Crowe started his business Chronicle Cremation Designs and has worked with human remains and clay ever since.
Once he receives the ashes Crowe mixes them into a glaze and applies the substance to items made from clay fired in a kiln, in order to create a bespoke design. The finished product can be used like any other everyday item.