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Diamond dealer Jean Boulle Group Bertrand Boulle introduced the latest Bentley Azure, painted with two million crushed diamonds, at the Top Marques car show in Monaco on Thursday.
Boulle explained the production process of the dazzling motor, saying that first "We crush the diamonds, we filter them, we sort them, we put them into the top code of a car, on the varnish, and then we spray that on the car. We can do it with any colour, we don't need to change the colour."
Boulle stated that the cars cost between 25.000 and 50.000 dollars (23,228 - 46,456 euros) minimum, depending on model and the colour, adding that the unique cars “somebody who has everything, not many have this.”
The 14th edition of Top Marques Monaco, deemed 'the most exclusive automotive show in the world', is taking place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, from April 20 to 23.



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