France's Sarkozy Attracts Mockery With Twitter Chat

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy drew a wave of mocking comments about his judicial woes when he launched a rare question-and-answer session on Twitter on Friday. During the near 1-1/2 hour session, followers learned that he has both a cat and a dog, and loved the third season of TV show Homeland, but most of the questions on the #NSDIRECT feed focused elsewhere. In a sign that the judicial investigations surrounding himself and former advisers could cloud his comeback, Sarkozy faced a deluge of tweets on cases including Bygmalion, an events organization company judges suspect of over-billing in order to raise, covertly, money for his election campaigning. As soon as the Q&A session was announced, dozens took to Twitter to question him on issues such as his decision to rename the conservative party "The Republicans" and the financing of his political campaigns.