Germany: Police seize guns and Nazi symbols in probe into xenophobic web activity

Police searched around 10 homes in Berlin on Wednesday morning as they attempted to find evidence of a group that had allegedly posted xenophobic and anti-refugee content on the Internet.
As a result of the operation, which featured some 60 police and security officers, handguns, knives as well as laptops and smart phones reportedly belonging to the group were seized. According to the Berlin Police, the devices' contents has not yet been evaluated.
"There are posts that become so popular on the Internet and so many people discuss them that we get over 50 notifications about one single post, because we get contacted by people regarding these posts," Berlin Police spokesperson Stefan Redlich told journalists. He went on to explain that "we prove every single case and we do everything possible in order to identify those persons who are responsible for that. Sometimes it is surprisingly easy because people do it under their real name."
Head of the German domestic intelligence service, Hans-Georg Maassen, has warned of a radicalisation of far-right groups and movements due to the massive influx of refugees and migrants into Germany. According to police data, the number of arson attacks on refugee shelters exceeded 800 in 2015, a significant increase on the previous year.