UK: Activists super-glue themselves to London building, blockading coal conference

Several environmental activists superglued themselves to the entrances of the Institute of Directors building in London, Monday, in a bid to block a coal conference taking place inside the building. The action, organised by the political activist group Reclaim the Power, targeted the carbon capture and storage conference arranged by the World Coal Association (WCA) at the London venue, with protesters decrying the environmental impact of the fossil fuel extraction process and government collusion with the industry. The group delayed the meeting until 11:15 AM local time, but unglued themselves with chemical powder when police arrived, after they had been threatened with arrest. Similar actions took place throughout the UK on Monday, including several other protests in London, as well as in Oxfordshire and Leeds. A total of seven Reclaim the Power activists were arrested. The group had spent the weekend camping out near Didcot B gas power station in Oxfordshire, protesting the site's expansion.