Turkey Blackout not Cyber Attack, no Risk to Europe Power Link-up

Leading energy officials said a power outage that blacked out most of Turkey on Tuesday was not due to a cyber attack and will not threaten a deal to link up with European grids.
The major outage hit Turkish cities and provinces, including the capital Ankara and Istanbul, where parts of the metro system shut down for several hours and shopping malls were plunged into darkness.
A senior Turkish energy ministry official who took part in resolving the outage told Reuters, "we have not come across any evidence of this outage being caused by a cyber attack."
He identified faults at two plants as the cause, at Izmir and Adana Cukurova in the Aegean and Mediterranean provinces respectively.
The energy official, who declined to be named added, "this would mean a 5-10 percent cut in the capacity of the system...this reduction created a domino effect on the whole system and shut it down."