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102 year-old Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport, a retired neonatologist, received her Ph.D. at Hamburg's university clinic, Tuesday, after the Nazi-Regime had denied it over 77-years ago. Rapoport said her title is dedicated to a better future and all those who fought Hitler and the Nazis. When the University learned about her case, they decided to allow Syllm-Rapoport to defend her thesis, becoming the oldest person to receive a doctorate. Syllm-Rapoport submitted her thesis on diphtheria in 1938, however was not allowed to pass her oral exam for being of Jewish descent. Under Hitler's race laws, she was categorised as 'Jewish Mischling' - a person of both Jew and gentile heritage. Later in the year she immigrated to the United States, going on to have a distinguished career in New York, Baltimore and Akron, Ohio. In 1950 the 'House of Un-American Activities Committee' became aware of Rapoport's Communist sympathies, as she was caught handing out copies of the 'Daily Worker,' a daily newspaper published by Communist Party USA. Along with her husband, Rapoport moved to East Germany, settling in Berlin where she established the first clinic of neonatology in Germany, at Charite Hospital.


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