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Protesters against reforms to sexual education in schools took to the streets of Toronto, Sunday. Demanding the 25th Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne put a stop to the reforms, the group marched holding placards reading 'My children, my choice,' 'Parents are first educators, not politicians,' and 'Say NO to irresponsible Sex Ed.' Organised by the Canadian Families Alliance, participants included a wide-range of ethnicities and adherents of different faiths, from Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus to Catholics, Russian Orthodox and Evangelical Christians. The action began aon Queen's Park before families and activists marched on University Avenue and up to College Street. The proposed reforms will teach a range of issues, including body parts in Grade 1, gender identity and issues in Grade 3 and issues surrounding masturbation and oral sex in Grade 6 and 7. The curriculum is expected to be introduced in September 2015.


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