WWE 'Payback' Recap: Mad Men, Finally

What a day for Baltimore Orioles superstar centerfielder Adam Jones. First, he ups his average to a hearty .336 after a two-RBI day against the Angels, and then rewards himself with front-row seats to watch WWE bat .1000 in consecutive underwhelming PPVs post-WrestleMania. The guy sure knows how to live. As for the rest of us, we nearly died of boredom during certain segments of last night's affair, while others kept our attention just long enough to ultimately disappoint. The big takeaway from the night? Lana is more important than Rusev. It's not totally apparent how and when this "We Want Lana" movement fomented, but it sure is apparent that WWE's following crowd consensus on this one. What else can explain allowing their monster heel Rusev to go from undefeated over a first year of action to a trio of consecutive at the hands of Super Cena?