France: Police and protesters clash in Paris during labour reform protest

Police fired tear gas and clashed against protesters in Paris, Thursday, during a march organised by worker's unions against changes Government decreed changes to the labour law.
Thousands people took to the streets chanting and carrying banners to register their dissatisfaction. Riot police used water cannons against protesters who could be seen letting off flares and hurling objects at the officers.
Commonly referred to as the 'El Khomri law,' after French Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri, the law was enacted by the French Parliament on August 8 after French Prime Minister Manuel Valls evoked an emergency decree to approve it in July despite huge protests that spread throughout the country opposing the reforms. The new law concerns almost all aspects of the country's labour laws, easing conditions for employers to hire and fire workers. Firms will also have greater freedoms to reduce workers' pay and will be able to extend the working week from the current 35 hours to a maximum of 46 hours.