Испания:Каталунският президент Атрур Мас приканва Мадрид да приеме "победата" от регионалните избори

Catalan President Artur Mas celebrated the region's "victory," calling on Madrid to accept the result in Barcelona, Sunday. “This is the victory that we will administrate with the feeling of cohesion and integration with Catalonia,” added Mas. The president was addressing a jubilant crowd, many of whom were adorned in the red and yellow striped flag of Catalonia. One audience member, Guillem Genoves, said: "I am very happy because we have the majority in the Parliament and we can go ahead with the process and get independence for Catalonia.” The elections have been dominated by calls from Catalan separatists to secede from the Spanish state should pro-independence parties gain a majority in the regional parliament. Mas' Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya (CDC) party and Esquerra Republicana have gone to the polls with a single list of candidates under the name 'Junts pel Si' (Together for Yes). The coalition plans to pursue the independence of the region from Spain if they achieve an absolute majority either alone or with the support of small parties. In order to gain a majority at least 68 out of the 135 seats in the Catalan Parliament must be won. The latest exit polls suggest that the alliance has won between 63 and 66 seats. The leftist-separatist Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) is predicted to win a further 11 to 13 seats, with an alliance between the groups to fight for independence. After the 2014 unofficial referendum on Catalan independence ended in a resounding win in favour of seceding from the Spanish state, strident refusals from Madrid to accept proposals for separation followed. If the pro-independence parties gain a majority in the regional elections, campaigners have called for a declaration of independence directly after the results have been announced.